Rifle with two barrels

Astonishing this double rifle in 6mm Flobert. The 2 barrrels can remain parallel or assume different directions by a corresponding angle. Is what a rifle as that can serve for hunting of the twin birds?

But seriously, can one give information on this part?

I do not have any information, except that the barrels are marked of a L capital letter, it is all.

Although incomplete, it is not a wreck. Ever finished, where a part of a pupil arms manufacturer?

The quality of work is only of one average craftsman. The system is provided with two extractors of casing but it misses a lever or other to order them!


With my opinion, this is not a rifle, but a trap, whose guns can be directed indeed differently according to needs'. A kind of booby-trap, to some extent. This machine is undoubtedly assembled on a fixed block of wood. Charged with buckshot and placed in opened position, these barrels can effectively protect an alley or an entry from castle, for example, over all its width.


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