Umbrella peperbox

Manufactured in circa 1870 and possibly made in Belgium, this umbrella is constructed with a bamboo shaft and silver hardware with an iron tip.

The rib ring that is used to open the umbrella is marked with the number "17", "G.D.G." a sphinx and "BREVETE".

The handle is horn and is rotated slightly to the left to remove the pepperbox dagger. The only markings on the pepperbox-dirk are a very small number "94" on the cylinder and the number "12" on the left side of the trigger.

The dirk blade is a quadrangular spike type measuring 4 1/2" in length and the pepperbox is a six round 22 calibre rim fire.

The pepperbox can be fired double action only.

There is a loading gate mounted on the right side of the frame which rotates downward for loading and the trigger folds up into the bottom of the frame.

The pepperbox and dirk measure 7 5/8" in length. Overall length is approximately 35 5/16". The umbrella is black fabric.

Many thanks to "RIA" for the pictures.

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