W.B. Promoli

Belgian Mariette System Knife/Pepperbox Ring-Trigger Revolver Inscribed: W.B. Promoli

Serial no. 435, with six .36 caliber, 2 3/4-inch turn-off barrels numbered consecutively to breech 1 through 6, 5-inch triangular central screw-in spike dagger with concave blade; pistol with round frame engraved with circular scrolling foliage, breech struck with Liege proofs, Ring trigger with double action underhammer, ebony grips; under-gripstrap inscribed: W.B. Promoli, 12 1/2-inches. Contained in round tapered grain-leathered scabbard with metal tip fore-end piece and button belt hook.


Premoli were arms manufacturers with Brescia (1850-60).

But the revolver system Mariette and marked W.B Promoli has marks of tests of Liege and an Italian arms manufacturer would not have a name with W.


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