Deutsche Werke-Ortgies

Pistol model Ortgies, cal. 25 ACP.

Used by German officers during World War II.

Deutsche Werke - Ortgies

German of origin, Heinrich Ortgies lived many years in Liege. There it designed an automatic pistol, patented in 1918.

It turned over to Herfurt after the hostilities had ceased and started to manufacture its Ortgies pistol in 7,65mm. Success was considerable, in spite of the difficulties of the market according to war, more than 10.000 were manufactured.

However, the “Deutsche Werke” quoted so interesting to him that it could not refuse it, repurchasing all to him: patent, wood and tools.

After that Ortgies itself seemed not to have more any other interest for the firearms.

It’s thus this factory which manufactured again its pistol and marketed it.

It initially manufactured it with a bronze medallion carrying the monogram “HO” and marking “ORTGIES & CO. ERFURT ORTGIES PATENT”, then after a few years the medallion was given up, probably because the agreements taken with Ortgies expired.

(Extracted from “Pistols of the world” of Ian Hogg & John Weeks)


Deutsche Werke

cal. 6.35mm (.25ACP)



cal. 7.62mm (.30ACP)


Ortgies 1930

cal. 7.65mm (.32ACP)