Haenel Carl

The marking under the barrels, C. G. H., is Carl Gottlieb Haenel.

On the buttplate, "F. Regers" is probably the dealer gunsmith but we didn't find anything about him!


Haenel Shmeisser mod I chrome

Haenel Shmeisser mod I

cal.6.35mm (.25ACP)

Scarce early German semi-auto pocket pistol. Very interesting action!  Quite different from more common Browning design.  Left side of the slide is marked, "C.G. Haenel Suhl, Germany, Schmeisser's Patent".  German commercial proofs, "Crown over N" are stamped on all major parts of the pistol.

In 1921, Hugo Schmeisser, who had been working for Bergmann, came to Haenel as designer and chief engineer.

Schmeisser brought designs for a 6.5 mm pocket pistol which he had patented in Germany in 1920. Haenel production of the Schmeisser design (the Model 1) began in 1922 and continued until about 1930.

Model 1 slides were marked 'C. G. Haenel Suhl Schmeisser's Patent', and grips carry the monogram 'HS'.

My Schmeisser 25 is a model 1


Haenel Schmeisser

caliber 6.35mm (.25ACP)

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