Louis Bader

Then, it is about a model known as “of transition”, introduced in 1914. The barrel was shortened; the length of origin is 330 mm (weight 1120 grams).

A known manufacturer was Louis Bader in Zella-Mehlis. Concerning the hammer, there were two alternatives: Here, it is the separated striker, the other is provided with a traditional hammer of the revolver type.

Nowadays, this model is rather rare, another specimen is with the Museum of the Sash bolt in Arras.

Marking RA 74 has nothing to do with Bavarian artillery. Usually, Bavarian markings begin with the letter “B” (Bavaria), then the number of the regiment and then “A” for “field artillery.” or “A.F” for “artillery with foot”.

The mark RA COULD MAYBE to be “Artillery of reserve”, but without any guarantee!

Dirk (Germany)