Beutter Georg

This is a needlefire gun constructed about 1850 by Johann Georg Beutter at Reutlingen/Germany. Beutter made these guns in order to get military orders.

His needlefire system used partly construction elements of the Dreyse system and in january 1850 he showed a gun with his system to the Royal Württemberg Arsenal in Ludwigsburg but they couldn't test the gun because lack of ammunition. Over that they took the system for too complicated and so unusable for military purpose. But they bought one of his guns for the Württtemberg model collection of arms.

Guns with this system are today extremely rare because there are only very few examples made. The system has been documented in an article by Heinz Lehner in Deutsches Waffen-Journal 7/1986, page 780ff asnd in the book "Das Zündnadelgewehr, eine militärtechnische Revolution im 19. Jahrhundert, Herford 1991, S.251/252"

Udo (Germany) and Bjørn (Denmark).