Walter Decker

Walter Decker, Zella St Blasii. 6.35 mm auto, 6 shot. Patented in the UK in 1912, this double action pocket revolver was an original design. The trigger lies under the barrel at the end of a rod which runs back inside the frame beneath the cylinder. The backward movement of the rod indexes the cylinder, cocks and then releases the striker. Spent cases are ejected sequentially by a rod carried separately. A safety lever is found on the left side of the frame. The Decker revolver is very convenient o hold, but a special shield on the right side of the frame was necessary: owing to the shape of the grip and the unusual position of the trigger, the base of the index finger would otherwise interfere with the cylinder.

Marcel (Belgium)

The shield on the right side of the frame is covering the whole cylinder like a carter. It has a rectangular window cut in it for the ejection of the spent cases.