Doersch and Baumgarten

This needle rifle is a rifle system Doersch and Baumgarten.

Rifle produced to Suhl, setting with the tests in various European states between 1865 and 1867, in particular in Italy. Given up for defect of sealing of the mobile breech.

Another orthography: Dörsch & Baumgarten.

Jean-Pierre Bastié

This is a gendarmerie or police rifle from Germany: Needle fire system Dörsch & v. Baumgarten/Suhl for Schaumburg-Lippe-Bückeburg 1862.

The monogram "AG" under a crown stands for Duke Anton-Georg of Bückeburg.

The "201" is the number of the rifle within the police unit of the duchy of Bückeburg.

Udo Lander

The marking “AG” on the patch box of Doersch & Baumgarten gun does not mean “ Anton Georg” but “Adolph Georg”, reigning the principality between 1860 and 1893.

Walter M.