Johann Leonhart Dotter

Fancy German Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun by "I.L. Dotter in Wurzburg"

16 Gauge with 31 1/2 " fancy twist Damascus barrels.

The makers name is inlaid in gold on the top rib and at the rear is a gold and silver inlaid family crest.

The locks, tailpipe, trigger guard, butt plate, and barrel tang all have bright steel with beautifully done scroll engraving and each having some highlights inlaid in gold and silver. The light colored walnut stock has a large cheek piece for a right handed shooter and a checkered straight wrist with a horn finger grip extending from the trigger guard.

This shotgun is in nearly new condition with bright bores and all of the Damascus pattern present and perfect engraving. The shotgun has the original ebony ramrod with patch puller and a good original leather sling.

Johann Leonhart Dotter is listed in Der Neue Stockel as active in 1844 in Wurzburg. This gun was collected 30 miles from Wurzburg on April 11, 1945 by our consignor while serving with its U.S. Army's 3rd Ordnance Company. This was one of many guns turned in by the civilian population and destined to be destroyed by burning them and then running over them with a tank, fortunately our consignor "rescued" this one when he noticed it on top of the pile of surrendered guns. Beautiful gun, great story!


Photos received of "JC DEVINE" with my grateful thanks.