Andreas Erttel

Erttel, Dresden, circa 1700.

Octagonal, slightly swamped barrels with seven groove rifling in 14 mm caliber and dovetailed sights. Each has a gold filled mark and signature on the breech, "ERTTEL A DRESDE". The tangs are engraved with "22" and "23" respectively. Iron wheel locks with hair set triggers. Finely engraved battle scenes and more repeated signatures are on the lock plates. The cock springs and wheel covers are decorated with trophy bundles and the cock with a sitting warrior. Carved walnut full stocks with patch boxes, nose caps, inlays, and ramrod thimbles (one missing) of horn. There is a star in bone and ebony on the cheek piece. Iron trigger guards with finger rests. Length of each: 112.5 cm.

Presumably Andreas Erttel, Dresden, knew 1679-1725. Began his apprenticeship in Vienna in 1679, and became master in Dresden in 1687.