W. Foerster

Berlin ca 1850

The gun is a "drilling"... as already mentioned in the previous email Ian. Just like "Drittes Reich" = Third Reich.

Although this piece does not have the rococo expected for something aimed at a Kaiser, the work was well done.

- The markings are German, covering the period 1891-1939;

- There were perceived in photographs markings for use of ammunition "nitro". All punches are related to the use of black powder.

- The top-left corner has choke and the other is parallel. Both are 16 gauge. The lower barrel is in .410/36gau (see 67-49 mark on the barrel, according to criteria adopted in Germany until 1912) ... perhaps the designation of "special" is due to the different lengths that calibre ref had to be developed. At the time of these lengths was considered "special" by someone.

- The two markings in the lower, far right photo are deeper and are not trademarks of evidence. One of them (the eagle) is quite similar to the shield of the "House of Hohenzollern." The other was not identified.

- The curvature of the stock is coherent with what was discussed in the initial email. And face it, even if they fabricate a weapon for a right-handed person - but with the eye / director predominant left changes the butt of the rifle in the photos are extremely exaggerated.

Claiming that this piece belonged to Wilhelm II would levity. However, we realize that the gun was built to be supported primarily by the right arm ... perhaps this is why the gauges are smaller / weaker than the other drillings marketed at the time. Coincidentally, the Emperor had back problems / neck and left arm (almost inert and 15cm shorter than the right). It is difficult to find a person who, apart from having possessions to order a gun, had the same characteristics / disabilities of William II. I believe that even the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Many thanks to the Brazilian collector who have send these pictures