Eduard Grothe & Sohn

Some time ago I asked information on a certain Grothe (just send you a picture of his gun System Grothe.)

A friend of mine in Germany found the following facts, to put in the Identified craftsmen:

Eduard Grothe & sohn (büchenmacher)

Kommerkt 8


Establish in 1875 and in the trade directory 1900, 1916 and 1925.

Shop now own by Büchenmacher Poul Mayer

For some time Eduard Grothe was honourable chairman of the Schütsen geselshaft.

Eduard was born in 1850 and still alive in 1930

His son Rudolf died in 1915.

Grothe obtained

DRP 210536 28.05.1908.for a turn gun lock.

DRGM 38261 02. 04.  1919 for a "Auschwingbar gelagerteen Verslussblok für Scheibenbuchen oder dagleichen".

DRGM 380261 "Ein block versluss” (probably the one I have got)

Immerman Meffert has made small calibre rifles of the Grothe design.

Peter (Denmark)