Kriegeskorte & Co

Calibre .22

Kriegeskorte & Co

This is an Unusual German Percussion Pistol, or possibly fuses igniters. It appears to me to be the pistol part of a multi-barrel pistol set, where different length barrels would screw onto the threaded area in the front of the pistol. Possibly it was made into a cane gun with the addition of an extra long barrel!

The other possible use for this pistol is as fuse igniters, used during bad weather to light fuses for cannons, etc. I have had a number of British fuse igniters, but never seen a German one.

Grip and receiver marked D.R.G.M.

Fine wood Grips marked on left side "KRIEGESKORTE & Co. STUTTGART-H" as pictured.

Calibre at muzzle area ~ .25 cal.

Many thanks to Howard Resnick for the pictures.