German Luftwaffe Double Barreled 26.5mm Flare gun- Serial number 1282, made by gpt (Bettner/GBW) in 1943. Officially a "Signal Pistole Modell L" made under Luftwaffe contract Ln24483. The barrels are 6.5" long, and total weight is a massive 2.75 pounds unloaded. This is "hammerless" design. The firing pins are cocked when the latch in front of the trigger guard is pulled forward and the barrels opened, and the safety is automatically applied, much as with a double barrel shotgun. Lever on the left side of the frame is the safety marked F and S. At the rear of the barrels is a selector switch to select either or both barrels. Cocking indicator pins at the top of the frame to show if the barrel is cocked. Aluminum construction with about 96-97% black anodized finish remaining. Black bakelite grips. Triggers, safety, cocking lever and selector levers of steel with a dull finish and some light surface rust. Great mechanics. A really great example of a very impressive design. These were used to signal to other planes in a formation, or from air to ground, or from ground crews to waiting aircraft. While the German single barrel flare guns are not uncommon, this is the first of the double barrel type we have encountered. (View Picture) <http://www.mwade.net/ogpix/smof4004.jpg >

Cristian Radulescu (Romania)




1941. German (Air Force) Model SLd double barrelled signal pistol. Frame stamped Fl 24483 and has a makers mark GBW on a triangle. It has a brass lever at the rear to select the left or right barrel and there is a safety catch on the left. A lever at the front of the trigger guard opens the breech. The grips are two pieces dark brown checkered plastic held together with a central screw. This type of signal pistol was made for the German Luftwaffe and collected at Tobruk by the Australian Military History Team.

Roger (France)