Johann Andre Kuchenreuter

German Flintlock Holster Pistol by Kuchenreiter

This well made pistol is 15 1/8" in overall length with a 10 1/8" iron barrel having a 50 caliber smoothbore. The barrel is round with an octagonal breech section and a flat sighting plane that runs nearly the full length of the barrel.

The barrel breech, sighting plane and muzzle have inlaid tarnished silver arabesque and the maker's name also in silver, "IOH. ANDRE. KUCHENREITER".

The very top of the breech has a gold maker's mark indented to number 624 in Volume 1 of Heer Der Neue Stockel, and also has a rear sight with one fixed one folding leaf.

The lock plate is engraved with "IAK". This pistol is the product of the senior Johann Andreas Kuchenreuter of Regensberg and likely dates to 1753. The full length walnut stock terminates in a horn forend tip, has all brass furniture that is unengraved and has raised carvings and moldings. The ramrod is a replacement.

Photos de "JC DEVINE"