Flintlock pistol – May at Mannheim, about 1750.

Smooth, round barrel in 15 mm calibre, with brass foresight and ornamental iron engravings and antique-like warrior’s bust with weapon trophies in front of corny, gilded background, signature – B. MAY A MANNHEIM – who is listed from 1740 – 90.

Back sight and number – 1 – on barrel’s end blade. Smooth, profiled lock engraved with baroque cirrus, even the upper lip of the hammer has been engraved. Slightly carved full walnut stock with engraved cast brass mountings, including perforated counter plate of the lock, on the grip engraved thumb plate with crowned monogram (of a margrave?), which might once have fit a detachable shoulder stock.

Both stock fore-end and ramrod end made from coloured horn.

Total length 49 cm.

Photos of "ARSENAL.DE" with my grateful thanks.