Joss Mayer Saulgau

Rifle DRILLING made in East Germany, gauges 16 and 9.3/72 signed Joss Mayer Saulgau.

The small “spoon '' is a diopter for the shooting with ball similar to the model which one meets on the rifles of shooting or hunting like unquestionable Winchester.

The key once engaged on the left, it on the other hand actuates a metal part which moves towards the line (photo-14) like and contrary to a Greener bolt, this coin part swivel on its axis forwards.

This part comes to create an extra thickness in the notch practiced in the hammer, once in contact with this one.

Right barrel it makes it possible to transmit striking on the striker of the lower barrel photographs -09

Note that if the key remains in normal position in the alignment of the stick the hammer strikes the striker of the cylindrical barrel because the notch does not meet anything on its passage.

The interior of locks makes it possible to see the thicker hammer and the cutting.