Extremely Fine Wittemann Flintlock Fowling Piece: 16 ga. cal., 44" part oct. bbl., marked in a gold cartouche at the breech with a crown over "ANTO / COMAS / MAT / ORIT" above a second cartouche containing a rampant lion.

There are also three gold cartouches with oval designs.

The triggerguard is carved as part of the stock with raised faces, flowers, and leaves.  The counterplate, cheekpiece, and buttplate also have raised carving. There is a silver spider at the front sight.

The lock is engraved "WITTEMANN" in a banner above "A GIESSEN". The layout, form, and style are typically German and Mid 18th Century.


The barrel of this flintlock piece has been made by the Spanish gun maker ANTONIO COMAS of Ripoll/E 1700-1730. The gun is stocked in Spanish manner and was made by a gun maker of the WITTEMANN-family at Giessen/D.

Udo Lander

Many thanks to "CW SLAGLE ANTIQUE" for the photos.