Bernard Pistor & son Ernst Wilhelm.

Flintlock rifle with Berlin silver mounts and special lock with waterproof pan and special cock, made by Pistor in Schmalkalden (circa 1810)

The original blue barrel is marked B & EWP (Bernard Pistor Senior with son Ernst Wilhelm Pistor - Schmalkalden. The barrel is inlayd with silver decorations, caliber 16 mm, with 8 grooves.

The Berlin silver mounts are nice engraved.

Total lenght is 120 cm.

Many thanks to “BOLKANTIQUES” for the pictures.


German hunting gun, lock chiselled with gold inlay and signed Pistor Schmalkalden, barrel with Dutch Utrecht city-mark, length 154 cm, calibre 12 mm

Many thanks to “BOLKANTIQUES” for the pictures.