Georg Scharfenberg

For the Germany section, here a pistol of living room manufactured by Georg Scharfenberg, approximately 1910.

The gauge is 7 mm, blasting powder m1871, central fire (ball of .22 or No 527 in Germany nomenclature of antan).

The powder for rifle m1871 was a certain improvement, but nevertheless it is about a weapon with blasting powder.

The patent No 20792 D.R.M.S. relates to the round button to unbolt the tilting gun.

The punches are U, B and G crowned. U = Uberpruft (controlled), B = Beschuss (test), G = Gezogen (striped).

The trigger can be thorough a little forwards activating acceleration.

Sold by Josef Häring in Regensburg.



It is indeed the model presented in the Alfa catalogue.

Additional information is in the German book "Die Scheibenpistole" (The pistol of shooting), published in 2004. This pistol is presented on the cover, in completion of luxury.

This pistol was developed by the arms manufacturer Scharfenberg in Mehlis.

The punch "B" crowned indicates the German test (Beschuss) between 1893 and 1912. The system of the pistol was already deposited in 1892.

The "Tell" of Buechel arrived later.


Dirk Ziesing