This weapon is of a remarkably neat manufacture and of one finished irreproachable, it has triple barrel and a mobile striker, making it possible to fire only one barrel at the same time.

The block gun swivels forwards after having released it thanks to a small button located on the side of the carcass. By causing the opening one causes the ejection thanks to an ejector-rake which is on the side of the chamber and ejects the three casings in once.

It belongs to certain folklore, for the reason which I explain low!!

It is a part rare, worthy to appear in a beautiful collection.

This model is well-known but what one does not know it is if the word Scheintod is a trade mark and if it is the case, by which?

The German word “Scheintod” means “catalepsy” (Distorts dead).

There is a clear resemblance to Perplex but it is extremely probable that both are not same manufacturer. Scheintod can draw from the ammunition gauges of them .410 (or 12mm) but with the characteristic which there are ammunition of the Scheintod mark which contain black powder and magnesium. The “mini fireworks” which results from it was supposed to awake it “dead”!! (Or to put alive in catalepsy?).

The fact that ammunition of this mark exists could make think that this name is a trade mark, but without any certainty!

In the photographs which are in appendix you can see ammunition of this kind.

In theory this weapon is with unrifled bore and has an original system of ejection which makes it possible to eject the three casings in once, it is this process which is primarily different on Perplex. (See: Perplex)

On this one you will see the essential differences.