Valentin Christoph Schilling

Pistol of signalisation (rocket launcher) HEBEL of the German army (1st world war).

As compensation after the war, Belgium in recovered a certain number for the Belgian Army.

FRANCOTTE and DELU also manufactured some.

This Hebel of 1894, is manufactured by Valentine Christoph Schilling, Suhl.

4444 would be the serial number.



V.C.S. = Valentin Christoph Schilling, Suhl,

Made pin fire revolver with for Germany preferred closed frame (actually it is a two part frame closed were the decoration covers the seam, often encountered with Suhl revolver, see also makers S) serial # 2,315, cal. 9mm, 5" octagonal barrel with fixed sights, under the barrel maker's initials and the S as proof stamp for Suhl, double action, chequered walnut grips, lanyard ring.

Photographs authorized by "HORST HELD"

Schilling to Suhl

The percussion pistol is a "Kolbenpistole" of Hamburg M 1856 made by Valentin Christoph Schilling at Suhl. There were ordered 200 paires of pistols, the half with a attachable butt. The pistols had rifled barrels with a Thouvenin system and a cal. 14,3mm. The pistol shown lacks the piston safety.

Udo Lander

Photographs authorized by "HORST HELD"


GERMAN Model 1883 Officer's model Reichsrevolver (10.6mm), mfg. by V.C. Schilling & C.G. Haenel in 1883 with German Imperial military markings.