Vierordt & Cie

It is not easy. I saw on the Web that there were already requests concerning this subject and even concerning this weapon, I believe.

Then, here is what I found:

The weapon was manufactured and signed by the firm Vierordt & Co. in Kehl (Strasbourg). This firm also produced parts for motor bicycles.

Vierordt was associated Gustav Kersten, an arms manufacturer, also in Kehl. It was him which had built the system of bolt “Marke Luchs” (Mark Lynx) for rifles of double barrels.

About 1900 it received a DRGM (model deposited) under the n° 123783. (On this subject, the DRGM on the weapon in question is different, but it is difficult to find more information.)

At that time, Kersten was an arms manufacturer of the German army and thus it was neither to deposit a private patent nor to manufacture weapons for its own account.

This is why it joined Vierordt. However, in 1910, they disputed. It have even a public campaign in the press.

Then, Kersten separated from Vierordt by transferring the rights of his invention to his son named Curt.

According to marking “13/1” one can suspect that the weapon was tested in January 1913. Considering the separation of 1910, it can be a question of a remainder in stock at Vierordt…