Saxon rifle 1816/38 UM

Here is a Saxon rifle with a total length of 88 cm with a barrel (without taking into account the tail) measuring 50 cm; it is the model 1816/38 UM.

This is the transformation of a flint model: you can still see the shape of the basin very clearly. And the battery spring is now used for the chimney guard.

We see a crowned AR as a control and validation mark, and the number 134.

In Robert Baldet's book "Les armes feu" we also see, on page 102, "German" primitive flint pistols transformed into percussion according to a system similar to that of this rifle. This system is actually a Prussian invention.

It should be noted that the Saxon flint pistols were modified with percussion using the same principle. These modifications were made by the regimental armourers.

GP with the help of DZ and MAX.