Armalite AR10

This rifle was manufactured by Armalite in the Netherlands, it is one of the first weapons of this type to use aluminum in its manufacture. It is the direct predecessor of M16.

Created by Eugene Mr. Stoner, then modified by Jim Sullivan, this rifle functions by compression of gases and has a rotary breech. It is provided with a selector of shooting. Its stick, its handle of transport and its hand-shield precede those of M16.

To aim, the soldier had of an adjustable eyepiece and a back sight in the shape of blade protected with a practical range from approximately 600 m. If necessary, this Dutch-US rifle can draw from the rifle grenades (being then provided with a metal stick) and can receive a sight tube.

Ammunition: 7,62 NATO.

Semi-automatic shooting: 30 blows/min.

Automatic shooting: 700 blows/min.

Capacity of the magazine: 20 cartridges

Length: 1030 mm

Barrel: 508 mm

Empty weight: 3,3 kg

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