Survival riffle M6

Springfield Armory, Inc., markets a commercial version of this gun as the "M6 Scout".  It has an 18" barrel and a triggerguard, but otherwise is about identical.

The gun is an over/under combination gun with barrels for .22 rifle and .410 shotgun. It is intended as a "survival gun" for pilots who have had to ditch their aircraft.

Old Town Station (USA)

Jim Supica

 I have seen these at gun shows, brand new in the box for about $200. They are "survival guns" provided to help after a crash or bail out. One barrel fires .22lr the other I think shoots a 410 shotgun. Presumably they would be good for small game, or in great distress, personal protection. As you see, the are compact (folding) and have storage provided for ammunition. This particular piece was made by Ithaca Gun (Ithaca, NY), a company most well known for shot guns but a frequent contract provider to to the US armed forces.

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