Johnson Automatics Inc.

Johnson M1941

The government of Chile ordered 1,000 M1941 Johnson rifles chambered for the 7mm cartridge for use by mounted troops, probably an elite "state police" unit.

Since JAMCO could not economically produce such a small quantity of barrels in this calibre, the firm purchased a sufficient number of 7mm Mauser rifle barrels from the National Arsenal in Mexico. The barrels were then assembled to .30 calibre parts on hand and into standard M1941 Johnson rifles.

While actually chambered in 7mm, the barrel locking bushing still retained the original ".30-06" marking.

Unlike the Johnson rifles later procured by the Marine Corps from the Netherlands Purchasing Commission, these rifles were purchased by Chile directly from Johnson Automatics, Inc.

Most of the rifles had very low serial numbers (no letter prefix) Many of these weapons were subsequently acquired by Val Forgett of Service Armament Corporation (later Navy Arms) and imported from Chile in the late 1970's and early 1980's and sold in the US.

This one is marked "Navy Arms" on the bottom of the barrel.

Many thanks to WWINGATEE for the pictures

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