Allen & Weelock

Model 44 Army Hammer center 6 shot.

Why '' hammer center '' or central hammer? Because Allen hitherto manufactured revolvers with side hammer.

The production of the model '' Army 44 Center hammer '' of 1861 to 1862, does not exceed 750 specimens, it was also manufactured in version '' Navy '' gauges 36 with approximately 500 specimens of them. One finds these 44 army in equipment during the Secession War in 2nd and 3rd regiment of cavalry of the volunteers of Michigan like in the cavalry of Pennsylvania (company A) Sources: Allen & Weelock of Paul Henry);

This weapon is very robust from its construction, practically cast of a part, then weighs 1kg 250 for 34,5cm length with a barrel of 17,5 cm octagonal on a half then round.

The moving parts of the weapon are:

a) The plate of covering of the mechanism, located on the left weapon between the carcass postpones and the reinforcement of stick, this massive plate, moulded of a pipe fitting, is held by a single screw and crossing located on the right weapon and serving of axis at the central hammer and a small pin or hook located on the top before plate. It gives access the total mechanism and the large spring if the left plate is removed.

b) The trigger guard, acting as lever of loading by a device with toothed rack is articulated ahead and in lower part of the frame and is locked with the back on the fixed part of the trigger guard by a small spring plunger.

b1) toothed rack of loading

c) the axis of cylinder long and solid round of iron is maintained in position by a small pin rocking with spring (visible on the photograph)

d) Parts of the internal mechanism and the hammer (mechanism simplified on the others models)

e) Plates in drowning carrying the n of the weapon inside

f) The cylinder, smooth, this one is of first model, to the characteristic to have made chimneys of a simple iron tube screwed in the back of the rooms (not dismountable). Model according to will carry normal chimneys kind Colt or Remington of the time.

Markings are on the left section of the thunder of the barrel;

ALLEN &WEELOCK.WORCESTER.MASS.U.S (note the lack of letters A from the USA, A of ALLEN and the 58 of 1858 of the second line)

LLEN' SPT' S.JAN.13.DEC.15.1857.SEPT.7.18.

The serial number of finds on the top of the axis of cylinder, on the reinforcement of stick, under the left plate, inside the plates, on the lever of loading, with dimensions the left of the hammer and finally inside the plate of covering.

Bodies of aiming, very rudimentary, a brass barley grain (I) on the end of the barrel and a small bead out of V on the top of the hammer (H)


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