Bulls-Eye Sharpshooter

Here is something not seen very often. The Bulls-Eye Sharpshooter rubber band powered target pistol has a very long and interesting history.

The first patent was granted on Feb. 26, 1924. This was only the beginning as these were made in one form or another up until the 1960's or 70's. People as famous as Major Julian Hatcher wrote about this gun in the December 1925 issue of American Rifleman!

This one which is being offered at auction is the nickel plated (not chrome) version in "as-new" condition with all its accessories. The grips are the deluxe "ivory" style plastic. (There were also plain wood grips). Included are original (now hard) rubber bands, the original box, loading tool, target, a full tube of BB's, operating instructions, 2 extra BB carriers, a copy of the first page of an article in "The Gun Report", and an article by Jim Supica about these amazing little guns.

If you look on the internet, there is also a book written about these guns by Charles R. Suydam, a very well known gun historian and author.

Jim EL Cajon