Charles Daly

Shotgun to juxtaposed unrifled bores of gauge 20, lock hammerless, key top, and pistol grip.

It carries the punches of the proof house of Liege, namely:

Spangled ELG in a crowned oval: acceptance post 1893.

Peron: inspection post 1853;

PV surmounted of a stylized lion: test with the powder without smoke, of use of 1898 to 1968.

20-70 in large C: gauge nominal and length of the casing, post 1924.

1Kg 111: weight of the gun which can draw from the powders without smoke (weapons smooth) except for the gram. Post 1924.

The manufacturer

This weapon of anonymous Liège manufacture was marked Charles DALY American Arms Company.

Charles DALY began a career in the sale of weapons in 1875 while joining a certain SHOVERLING; they started by importing weapons and material of sport in New York.

Later, they were joined by Joseph SCALES.

The company taking of the extension, they decided to give to their weapons an easily recognizable and memorable name. They thus chose Charles DALY.

This mark became fine 19th century and beginning 20th, synonymous with quality.

The company continued until 1919 in spite of the death into 1899 of DALY.

The new owners continued the tradition to import fine firearms of the whole world. It would seem that in Liege, they were in particular in connection with NEUMANN Frères.

The new company also preserved the mark and is currently always active.