Warren & George Evans

The shown model is New Model, the last model, manufactured in the years 1880.

Evans leave ordinary by their splendid completion, their hammer placed under the frame, but especially by their magazine, container either 28, or 34 cartridges with central percussion according to whether it is about gauge .30 Evans shorts, .30 Winchester Long or .44-40 Winchester. This tubular magazine, placed in the action, comprises a Archimedes' screw actuated by the trigger guard/lever of trigger guard.


Transition Model

Another "New Model"


I have just read the article of the website on the rifle Evans and I want to contribute my share to you, if you want.

The gauge is not a 44/40, nor a 30 shorts or length but of the 44 Evans Court (approximately 38,80mm, then 44 long Evans and finally the 44 long new model (50,20mm, with some differences in the projectiles), which obliged the manufacturer to limit from 34 to 28 shots the capacity of loading (which was largest by far of all the weapons of the time).

That gave a great autonomy but which was however handicapped by the fact that it was necessary to pose the weapon on the barrel to load it, since this loading is made by the back of the stick, and that one needed for each engaged cartridge, to operate the lever under guard to advance the cartridges in the magazine. Another disadvantage, impossibility of reloading or of supplementing the magazine, even partially, because of the helicoids system of the charger.