A pistol ? a rifle ?

They were manufactured only a few years, starting about 1920, up in New Haven, CT under several names including Fiala; Schall, Columbia Arms, and Botwinik Bros. Previous manufacturer located in New Haven, CT. Fiala Arms and Equipment Co. was founded circa 1920, and went bankrupt shortly thereafter. Fiala Outfits, Inc. of New York City, NY reportedly bought the remaining guns, parts, and inventory and sold them between circa 1922 until approximately 1930. As one company went bankrupt another would take over. After about 4 to 5 years only approximately 5,000 guns had been produced. These guns were kind of odd. They look a lot like the semi-auto pre-Woodsman Colt .22rf, or the High-Standard Model B semi-auto .22rf. But, no, these were a mag-fed single-shot designed as such by an adventuring explorer who didn't trust semi-auto actions in sub-zero climates where these guns most likely would be used. (He even used a polar bear as his company logo.).

The Fiala was single shot, with the semi-auto type slide manually cycled before each shot. Fully equipped, it has a detachable stock and three barrels; three inch with a knurled front section and no front sight, 7 1/2 inch with a dovetail blade, and 20 inch with a dovetail blade sight and walnut forearm.

Various "Special Order" guns in smoothbore and various barrel lengths are also reported.

With the long barrel and stock, it is practically a carbine. The grips are smooth walnut. In a black leatherette locking carrying case with purple velvet lining, space for the gun, stock and extra barrels.

The .22rf Fiala Model 1920 originated with Anthony Fiala, a well-known soldier, statesman, adventurer, and explorer several decades ago. Fiala had his gun designed as a magazine-fed single-shot because he didn't trust the semi-auto action to function properly in sub-zero environments, such as the Polar Regions, where he expected his customers to be journeying to. His company logo was a Polar Bear.

The company went through a number of bankruptcies and ownerships. Some guns may be found marked Schall Bros. or Columbia Arms Co., and some were UNMARKED. However, ALL had the MODEL 1920 and MADE IN U.S.A. stamped into the right side.

Fiala 1920

Fiala Arms Company .22 caliber pistol. It is the Model 1920.

These rare little pistols were manufactured from 1920 to 1930 and look very similar to a Colt Woodsman or High Standard. However, these pistols were not auto loaders and they had to be recycled after every shot.

This one has a 7 barrel.