J.R. Lindsay

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Lindsay two shot martial size pistol in cal 45. Less then 100 made.

This is a smoothbore, all were made like that. Overall this large pistol is 30 cm long or 11 1/2 inch. Double line markings on beginning of barrel. The Lindsay two shot mechanism was also made in a military musket and is one of the distinct oddities in american arms collecting. Lindsay had been an employee of the springfield Armory. His attempts at obtaining a government contract for the pistols were unsuccessful. considered by collectors as a secondary martial handgun.

J.R. Lindsay

Weapon to charge by the mouth with only one barrel and two hammers.

The two loads are placed in the barrel at different distances.

The first hammer which falls down met with fire the load most moved away, the second that which is at the bottom of the barrel.

Lindsay with 2 shots and 1 barrel was manufactured by Union Knife Co of Naugatuck, Connecticut, on behalf of the inventor John P. Lindesay.

Manufactured beginning of the years 1860 with less than 100 specimens.

Calibre 31 with percussion, superimposed loads.

Exist with either one, or two triggers, but always with only one barrel and 2 hammers.

Very dangerous to use.


Photos Littlegun