Morrill Mosman/& Blair Amherst

Serial no. 92; .31 caliber, rifled 4 5/8 inch round barrel (measured back to nipple), overall length 13 7/8-inches, with 9 7/8-inch single edge blade of Bowie Knife style (measured to the rearmost section of the triggerguard shape within the blade, where it disappears into the bottom of the frame); the serial number visible on bottom of frame, near curve of front of inside of triggerguard.

From top to bottom, the blade measures 1 1/2 inches, at its widest point; and is approximately 1/4 inches thick at its thickest point. The frame, at its thickest point, measures 11/16 inches thick.

Each side of the blade etched with American eagle and stars, laurel wreath, clouds and floral motifs, Elgin's Patent inscription etched on right side of blade near centerpoint. Morrill Mosman/& Blair Amherst Mass. inscription etched on left side of blade, near centerpoint. Banner motif within beak of eagle minutely etched Liberty.

Brass blade front sight, with simple notched steel rear sight. Bag-shaped varnished tiger-striped maple grip. Finished in blue, with the blade in bright steel. The scabbard of leather, with German silver throat and tip.

Many thanks to "GREG MARTIN AUCTION" for the photos.