Springfield M14

M14 rifle was the first rifle of attack of US Army which adopted it in 1957 to replace M1 Garand and of the M1 Rifle. Its mass production started in 1958.

Calibre 7,62

Photos Littlegun

Springfield 1903

Cal. 30-06

Made by Springfield Armory during WWI and refurbished during WWII.

Rear adjustable sight graduated up to 2.700 yards.

Cut off lever marked ON (repetition) and OFF (single feed shot)

Safety lever marked SAFE and READY

Stamped trigger guard (probably changed when refurbished)

Original Kerr sling.

Very accurate for targeting.


Springfield Arsenal

An old young American boy.

Made by Springfield Arsenal

Cal. 30-40

Krag Jorgensen action

Magazine filling, opening the right side, with 5 spare ammo

Vintage adjustable rear sight

Original leather sling

Original bayonet

Original 3 pieces cleaning rod

Original ammo box


Springfield Armoury

Model M14

Calibre 7,62mm