Springfield Arms C°

Revolver pocket produces with 5.000 specimens by the Arsenal of Springfield in 1863. Obviously a plagiarism of the patent Rollin White. It has the serial number 4141, which places it at the end of the production. You will notice the similarity of the shape of the handle with Smith & Wesson n°1 2nd Issue…

When it is thought that Daniel Wesson and Horace Smith knew themselves whereas they worked both in this arsenal before ten years, one understands why they pushed Rollin White to be straightforwardly made cease the production of this model.

Caliber .32 short (not S&W).

It is in addition remarkable by its state: still 95% of blue on the gun and the barrel, and 90% of plating silver on the carcass. Ever cleaned either, which is still better.

Although produced during American Civil War, this revolver did not have any military career, except perhaps for some bought by the soldiers themselves as arms secondary.


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