American Arms C, Boston Massachusetts, Swivel Breech, double barrel pocket pistol.

Made between 1866 and 1878. Less then 5000 made for all calibers.

Most of the production were combination barrels in caliber 22 and 32 rimfire. (About 3000) Only about 50 made with twice caliber 22.

About 1500 made in caliber 38 rim and less then 400 in caliber 41 rimfire.

To fire the second shot the barrels have to be hand rotated.

The early production will not mention the word WHEELER'S on top of the barrel. Exists with flat and birdheadsgrips.

Most of the production had silverplated brass frames with blued barrels. Some examples of the caliber 41 are known to exist in full nickel and a few have been seen where the frames were goldplated. Those are extremely rare and demand large premiums.

Thanks to "IVES DEVOS" for the pictures

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