First model Remington (Beals) revolver: 1857

This was the first revolver made by Remington Arms, going on sale as soon as the Master patents on revolvers held by Colt expired.

It is a 31 calibre five shot pistol with a unique mechanism for cylinder rotation with a bar and lever located on the left side of the gun operated by the cocking of the hammer.

The grips are one piece and made of gutta percha, a form of hard rubber.

The serial number indicates that this is a relatively early production gun.

In production for less than two years, it is estimated that 4,500 to 5,000 of this first model Remington Pocket revolver were made.

By the start of the American civil war, Remington switched to a pocket model designed by Joseph Rider.

Roger Papke (Etats-Unis)