Remington deringer

Markings of the barrel are those of model 3. On model 2, manufactured 1867 to 1887, markings are on two lines and are as follows: “Remington & Sons, Ilion, N.Y. - Eliott' S Patent DEC 12, 1865”. The 4 models differ only by their marking and the site from this last, and the very first model does not have an extractor (ultra extremely rare).

The mention “Remington Arms Co, Ilion, N.Y” is specific to the 3rd model, manufactured with approximately 5.000 ex between 1888 and 1912. There are 5 variations in the TYPE of the lettering of the 3rd model, each one numbered from 1 to approximately 1.000. Model 3 is also the first to have received plates gutta-perched about it.


Thanks to Bert for the picture