Brazilian makers

Lerap, AGC (Arsenal de Guerra da Corte) Maker of the Empire of Brazil, Castelo (castle), INA, Beretta of Brazil, Caramuru.

Those companies have ceased to exist.

 Rossi, Taurus, CBC, Imbel, Boito, Urko.

These companies are still in existence today.

Military long guns.

The list of guns used by the Brazilian army is long, and a number of details should be told:

1500 - 1822 Brazil was a colony of Portugal, so the weapons are Portuguese.

1822 - 1889 Imperial period.

1889 – Today is Republic.

There were no Brazilian gunmakers prior to 1894. There were a few during the imperial period, and only "IB" marked

After 1894 the military guns bear a blazoon (not the small ones).

Before 1850, the different provinces purchased their own armament that was not a federal government matter.

There was more than one model in use.

Brazil is a very large country, so getting uniformity is not an easy job.


In Paraguay war was used Spencer, Brazilian Miniê, Enfield, and French 1840 too for Brazilian army.

In Canudos War was used Comblain and German Komission 1888 gun.

 Today we have FAL 7,62, FAL .223 and Mosquefal (Mauser 98 change for Imbel for use 7.62).

1500 - 1822 Brazil Colony

Portuguese guns, French guns, English guns, Belgian guns, German guns.

Exist gun made in Brazil by AGC with mark (P. I) (D. Pedro I Imperator).

1822 - 1889 Brazil Empire

Same form and:

- Dreyse

- Chassepot

- French 1840, 1842, 1853.

- Enfield (5 different guns) (Infantry, Light Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Enfield Cadet) that may be rare.

- Brazilian Miniê (4 different guns made in Belgium for different artisans) P.J.Mallerbe , G. Mordant , Lemille , Laloux , and perhaps others.

In cavalry carbine have to Barnett of London, and that gun have crown of Brazil Empire and mark "P II» (D. Pedro II Imperator).

Exist gun made in Brazil by AGC and mark P. I or P. II.

- Comblain (6 different guns, 5 made in Belgium and 1 in German).

I speak of original type, like made, not is reference here in change made for AGC (Arsenal de Guerra da Corte).

- Spencer made in USA and Union Armuriére Belge.

- Westley Richards (3 different guns) one made in England and 2 of Union Armuriére Belge.

After 1889 Brazil Republic

- Gewer and Kar kommission 1888, many fabricants and made in German arsenal too.

- Mauser 1894 made by FN and Loewe (that’s first guns with blazonry)

- Mauser 1898 ,1908 , 1922 , 1908/34 , 1935 and others , fabricants D.W.M. , FN , Mauser same , Oviedo , CZ and Vz .

- Garand

- M1 and M2 carbine (many American fabricants)

- FN 1949.

- Fal 1964 Belgian.

- Thompson machine gun 45

- Ina machine gun (Brazilian gun) 45 and 9 mm

- Brazilian Fal made Imbel, 7,62 and .223.

Can missing anything.

Military Hand guns

 1500 – 1822 Like long guns

1822- 1889 Like long guns


- French Lefaucheux Rev. 11 mm

- Belge Lefaucheux Rev. 11 mm

- Gerard and Jules Kauffman 380

- Nagant 1883 11 mm

After 1889

- Luger 1906

- SW 1917 45AR

- Colt 45 1911 A1

- Beretta 92

- Imbel 9 mm  


On behalf of a Brazilian collector of the ANPCA with all my thanks.