Brazilian Mauser

BRAZILIAN Model 1908/34 Mauser bolt-action carbine

Calibre 7x57 manufactured by CZ in c.1925.

Many thanks to "EMPIRE ARMS" for the pictures.

BRAZILIAN Model 1908 Mauser bolt-action long rifle.

Calibre 7x57 manufactured by DWM in 1909.

BRAZILIAN Model 30 M954 Mauser bolt-action carbine.

Calibre .30-06 manufactured by Itajuba in c.1954.

Brazilian model 1922

BRAZILIAN Model 1922 Mauser bolt-action cavalry carbine calibre 7x57.

Mfg. by Fabrique National (Belgium) in c.1922.

Clear Brazilian crest above chamber.

Walnut buttstock with beech handguard.

Belgian-contract rifle are quite scarce for this period.

Brazilian Mauser model 1935

BRAZILIAN Model 1935 Mauser bolt-action long rifle calibre 7x57 mfg. by Mauser in 1935. Fantastic detailed Brazilian crest above chamber. Walnut stock.