I am sending new photos of miniê Brazilian of fast Infantry, or carbine of hunters.

It sees the characteristics of the Brazilian Miniê in relation to the English Enfield or exactly manufactured in Belgium for England or other countries.

- Bore is not 577 (14,66 mm) as in the Enfield, but 14,8 mm (little greater therefore).

- Handle of aiming is not meter or yard and yes fathoms, that were measured standard in Brazil, derivative of the Portuguese of that time.

- Support of bayonet like used later in the Comblain.

- Look too the ramrood down the barrel.


Fusil Minié

«MO" mark in a little circle, on trigger guard of guns made by G.Mordant.

In guns of Malherbe we have seen "M" in a little circle.

A Brazilian Collector


Minié Laport

This weapon is a Minié, carbine of hunter model 1857/63/70.

It is about a rifle of infantry with percussion, to charge by the mouth.

The round and smooth barrel is maintained by one to “embouchoir” out of brass with spring, a “grenadière” is also fixed there. Second “brassadelle” out of brass maintenance also the barrel.

Against-lock is fixed by two screws out of two brass rivet washers.

The trigger guard with long support is also out of brass just like the buttplate.

The lock is marked G (of Guillaume) LAPORT & Co, firm of Liège having begun in 1850, registered with the prooofhouse of 1850 with 1900. It was located in Liege quay Saint Léonard, n°35.

LAPORT Guillaume (life of 1827 to 1895) had deposited of 1867 to 1894 sixteen patents.

I think of having seen only one punch of the proofhouse of Liège, namely the punch of final acceptance (spangled ELG in an oval) of use of 1846 to 1893.

GG et Alain