Francis Bacon

This weapon is marked “Bacon”, of British origin, and would be intended for hunting for the tiger.

The gauge is same diameter as the cartridge of hunting gauges 12 but the barrels are striped!!

The barrel is short, in order to be able to handle the weapon with facility on Howdah (nacelle on the back of an elephant).

But which is exactly this Bacon, and which is this weapon with odd opening?

One can read in lower part of the weapon:


CHARGE OF POWDER 2 1/2?? (Illegible)

“Der Neue Stockël” volume 1 page 45 quotes 4 Bacon.

The four are American.

Georges Bacon, Providence, RI / USA 1863

William Bacon New York / USA 1840

Bacon Arms Co. Norwich CT / USA 1864-1888

Bacon MFG CO, Norwich CT/ USA 1858 – 1867

The famed F. Bacon (no first name) has 4 British patents listed.

#395, February 12, 1867.

#1260, April 17, 1868.

#3242, December 10, 1870.

These all deal with "Breech actions, sliding breech block", and seem related. The 1870 patent shows "the application of the invention to a double-barrelled firearm".

To me the patent summaries are incomprehensible.

#14,092, July 10, 1901. This deals with "Breech actions, drop down barrel magazines", and is probably something different.

1 gram is 27,4 grain so the powder charge would be 68,5 grains = 4.6 gram

Guillaume (France)

V. Mangiarotti (Belgique)

Peter (USA)

Dirk (Allemagne)

J. (Netherland)