Colt 1851 et 1849

Cased Colt London 1851 Navy  and Colt London 1849 Pocket Model With All Accessories, Presented to "J.R. Oliver" Esq. Royal Artillery:

.36 cal. perc., 6-shot cylinder, 7 1/2" oct. bbl. The barrel is marked address "Col. Colt London". The backstrap is inscribed "J.R. Oliver Esq. Royal Artillery"

.31 cal. perc., 6-shot cylinder, 6" oct. bbl. with "London address" and "British Proofs".

Cased in factory Colt oak casing with original label in the lid, maroon lining, bullet mold, flask, cap tin, pewter oil bottle, and two packs of Colt unopened cartridges.

Many thanks to "CWSLAGLEANTIQUES" for the pictures