Dobson, London.

(StÝckel: Thomas Dobson, circa 1801 - 1810, London, 35 Criswell St)

Marked silver mounted flintlock pistol, 9" brass barrel with on top mounted spring 8" bayonet, cannon muzzle in an impressive caliber circa .78. On the barrel are besides the mandatory proof stamps a big J and LONDON.

The bayonet is hold in position with a simple device similar the often used a pull-back safety. After pulling the bayonet swings out viscously.

The lock plate is marked DOBSON, decorated with chiseled decorations, is equipped with a roller frizzen and a side safety. Gilded silver trigger guard with a floral carving on the bow and a floral finial. Silver side plate decorated with battle trophies. Very unusual escutcheon with a floral pattern and silver butt cap with a raised floral spray.