Mortimer & Son

A Pair of English Spring Bayonet Flintlock Pocket Pistols by Mortimer & Son

The pistols are 7" in overall length with the 2 1/2" triangular bayonets folded. The round screw barrels are 2 3/8" long and have .52 caliber smoothbores. The pistols have center hammers with sliding safeties, folding triggers, sliding bayonet catches on the right sides of the boxlock frames, and flat sided bag shaped walnut stocks. The pistols are extensively ornamented with the stocks inlaid with engraved silver flowers and wire scrollwork, oval escutcheon plates with floral borders are on the back of the grips, the frames with silver inlaid scrollwork on the right sides and the left sides with silver inlaid martial panoplies engraved "Mortimer & Son". The left sides of the barrels are engraved with the address of Jackson Mortimer and his son, "ST. JAMES ST. /LONDON".

Photographs authorized by “JC DEVINE” with my grateful thanks.