Mark & John PATTISON

This is the so called "Rigby-System" which was invented around 1825 and which was in use but a very short time. As most of the percussion pistols with this system are signed "Rigby", it is called "the Rigby-System". Rigby-pistols are rather rare and were built by William & John Rigby, Dublin, but there is no doubt that other Dublin gunmakers as MARK & John PATTISON made pistols with the Rigby system as well.

The Rigby System was quit simple. Instead of turning the barrels and having two cocks, there is a small disk with a hammer nose which has to be turned by hand after each shot.

Udo (Allemagne)

 Der Neue Stöckel

Pattison John, Dublin/Irland erw 1810-27 maybe the father of Mark Pattison.

Mark Pattison, Dublin/Irland erw 1836

Weapon similar to Rigby