Pair of Four-Barrel Flintlock Pepperbox Screw-Barrel Queen Anne Style Pistols, with Elaborately Silver Wire Inlaid Stocks, by Perry, London

.40 caliber, 2 1/2-inch turned, blued smoothbore barrels, numbered 1 to 4 at breeches, screwed into boxlock actions, with switch on left sides to select barrels for firing, augmented by sliding bar over right barrel access to further determine selection of barrels for firing; PERRY engraved on left side of breech, with LONDON on right side; floral, border and scroll engraved and bright finished breeches; silver mounts of cast buttcaps with grotesque mask on each with scrollwork; oval silver thumbpiece escutcheons; fine silver wire inlays throughout walnut grips, including martial motifs and floral scrollwork.

Crown over CP proofmark at least one of barrels on each pistol.