Cased Over & Under Percussion Pocket Pistol with Spring-Loaded Bayonet and Accessories by Potts, London

.32 caliber, 2-inch barrels with top-mounted fire-blued spring-loaded bayonet and swivel cleaning rod. Vibrant case-hardened finish. Delicate floral scroll-engraved hammers and frame. Fire-blued triggerguard and double triggers. Engraved screws. Finely chequered one-piece walnut grip with silver oval wrist escutcheon engraved with a heraldic Lion's head and initials WG. Top of wrist with bayonet trigger. Lion's face silver pommel caps with lanyard ring. A very fine English pocket pistol. Contained in original partitioned London-style walnut case with brass concealed handle and key escutcheon, together with single-cavity bullet mould, brass oiler, sliding brass powder measure, fruitwood cap box, steel spring clamp, large japanned cap tin marked: Whistler/Anti-corrosive Copper Caps/ No. 11/London; handsome leather-covered silvered cap and ball flask; "T" nipple wrench with ball compartment finials; brass powder measure and key to case.